Home Instead Clermont Senior Care offers a wide range of care services to help aging adults live independently in the comfort of their home. The personalized care plan we offer are customized and tailored for each individual to ensure in-home care is an enjoyable experience. Our compassion is to bring you comfort, companionship and peace of mind.


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    What Services do we offer?

    Our home care services can help aging adults stay engaged in everyday life with tailor-made support by professional caregivers to stay safe and well at home.
    Personal Care

    Personal care assistance helps adults maintain dignity as they age while receiving the care needed to stay healthy and independent. When needs extend beyond your family’s comfort, we’ll provide a helping hand. This includes; Bathing, Grooming, Bathroom Assistance, Dressing, Mobility, Sitting and Rising, Getting In and Out of Bed.

    Alzheimers and Dementia Assistance

    We believe the right care approach can help anyone maintain a high quality of life even in the face of memory loss. Let us create a personalized care plan that delivers stability, support and compassion through: Relationship Building, Positive Reinforcement, Encouragement, Establishing a Stable Routine

    Hospice Support

    Our compassionate Caregivers deliver the practical and emotional care a family deserves throughout the hospice experience with: 24-hour Home Care, Personal Care, Medication Management, Overnight Care, Comfort Management, Respite Care, Compassionate Ear.

    Arthritis and Diabetes Care

    Living with a chronic health condition can feel overwhelming and draining for everyone involved. Our skilled Caregivers relieve the burden with person-centered care tailored to individual needs.



    Our compassion is to bring you comfort, companionship and peace of mind.
    Romona And Jabari Smith

    I want to acknowledge and commend the caregiver provided by Home Instead Clermont. Their caregiver was professional, personable and motivated to care. She cooked home cooked meals for my Mother in law to help her with her diet restrictions and helped her maintain balance to enjoy other food as well. She helped us to ensure she maintained her dignity until she drew her last breath. She never left her side. She provided care and comfort every second she was there. She provided my Mother in law with exceptional care and companionship in her most critical moments. The caregiver showed us all care and compassion and we will always be grateful to her and Home Instead. We appreciate the time and effort that was given to ensure that staffing was a good fit.


    What is Home Care?

    Home care – also called senior care and in-home caregiving – is a service provided by the local Home Instead Clermont office that regularly sends a Care Professional to a person’s home or care community to help them accomplish activities of daily living, such as bathing, assisting with laundry and meal preparation.

    • Provide one-on-one individualized care plans

    • Helps older adults maintain their independence and dignity as they age.

    • Provide the vital companionship

    How does in-home caregiving work?

    When you choose home care, you’ll receive an individual care plan designed to help the entire family with their specific needs. The plan can be tailored to individualized requests– based on your needs. Your Care Pro(s) will then be scheduled to arrive at the appointed time each day or week to provide compassionate, quality personalized care.

    How can Home Instead Clermont help me?

    A professional Care Pro from our Home Instead Clermont experts can help older adults or those with chronic health conditions complete all kinds of routine activities, such as bathing, dressing, cooking, and housework to make daily life easier and safer. Care Pros can also help family members by delivering expert care that gives everyone peace of mind and relieves any feelings of caregiving being “burdensome.” A Care Pro also may enjoy socializing by chatting, engaging in activities like puzzles or crafts, and listening to music.

    How do I know if I need home care?

    Anyone who needs help to stay healthy and safe at home may benefit from home care. If living with a chronic health condition makes it difficult to complete tasks like buttoning a shirt or taking a bath, then home care might be very helpful in maintaining independence and enjoying an active lifestyle.

    How can I tell if my loved ones need home care?

    Your parents or other loved ones may benefit from home care if they exhibit any of these signs:

    • A decline in personal hygiene

    • Lost interest in cooking

    • Diagnosed with Alzheimer’s or another form of dementia

    • Forgets to pay bills

    • Forgets to take medications

    • Needs help getting up and down from chairs or sofas

    • Falls frequently

    • Has limited mobility

    • Diminished driving skills

    • Has a chronic disease like arthritis that makes tasks like opening jars or buttoning a shirt difficult

    How can home care help my aging loved ones?

    If your parents or other loved ones find it difficult to enjoy a high quality of life without your help, the best option for them may be in-home care. Care Pros deliver one-to-one care to your loved one, unlike other types of care, where a single caregiver may be responsible for caring for a dozen clients all at the same time.

    How can I find senior care near me?

    We can help answer any questions regarding our services, paid assistance plans/programs,  and any other needs you may have. Our phone number is (352) 717-5700.