Savannah – Care Professional for March 2023

Care Professional

We are thrilled to announce that Savannah has been named Care Professional of the Month for March 2023. This recognition is a testament to her exceptional service, unwavering dedication, and compassionate care toward her clients. We are so proud to have her as a part of our outstanding team here at Home Instead.

Savannah’s commitment to her clients and their families is truly remarkable. Her ability to build meaningful relationships with everyone she encounters is a testament to her caring nature and willingness to go above and beyond for those in need. She has a special talent for making those around her feel valued and heard, which is especially important when it comes to caring for individuals with Alzheimer’s and other conditions.

We were especially moved by the quote from one of Savannah’s clients’ family members, who shared their gratitude for Savannah’s dedication to providing exceptional care. Her kindness, calm demeanor, and willingness to listen have won over even the most challenging clients, and we are so grateful for all that she does.

“Savannah is a CarePro that Rocks!   She has built meaningful relationships with not only the administrative staff but with her clients and their families as well.  She commits to her schedule, arrives on time, and goes above and beyond with the care and attention she gives to each client.  She has a client with Alzheimer’s who was not receptive to her care at the onset.  Her calm demeanor and kindness won him over.  She takes the time to listen to her clients and their families and because of this, she has cultivated wonderful working relationships.”

Once again, congratulations to Savannah on being named an Outstanding Care Pro for the month of March 2023. Her contributions to our community are truly invaluable, and we are so grateful for her hard work and commitment to excellence.

If you would like for a caregiver like Savannah to look into your situation, send us a message or give us a phone call.

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